Skewers (complete version)

4.4 ( 5734 ratings )
Игры Образование Обучающие
Разработчик Olivier VASSET
1.99 USD

"Identifying and matching visual elements are the very basics of reading."

Skewers is a fascinating education application for kids (2-5 years old).
Reproduce a template to win the game by drag-and-dropping the right ingredients from the inventory to your Skewer.
With this application, your kid learns to identify shapes and colors of the ingredients in a peaceful atmosphere.
Skewers template and inventory are generated at random each game to provide hours of fun for your child.
This version includes a total of 16 ingredients in the inventory and 4 different difficulty levels to improve gradually the educational experience.

Level 1 : drop in no order.
Level 2 : drop in order.
Level 3 : drop and drag along.
Level 4 : complex template.